versatilitat fruits ponent

Fruits de Ponent receives an energy savings certificate

The fruit processing plant has received the energy savings certificate.

The energy certification of buildings is intended to promote energy efficiency in buildings and the use of renewable energies to cover their energy needs and reduce CO2 emissions.

In Catalonia, the energy certificate also comes with an additional report which incorporates recommendations and improvements to increase energy efficiency performance, augment the comfort of the living space and lower energy costs.

A few months ago, the European Network for Rural Development divulged the results obtained in the project on sustainable practices launched by the Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group in 2020. Accordingly, it highlighted the drop in CO2 emissions and in water and electrical consumption achieved through the installation of 3,200 solar panels and the creation of a water treatment plant.

It’s always good news when the fruit processing plant receives a certificate in energy savings. An action which attests to our commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment, because we know that what’s good for the planet is good for Fruits de Ponent.