Ponent Organics

The circular economy is one more piece of this business sustainability practised by Cooperative Group Fruits de Ponent. To make it a reality, the Cooperative Group has created the company Ponent Organics, whose goal is to work towards a structural shift in how organic fertilisers (manure and chicken slurry, among others) are managed.

Ponent Organics, a Fruits de Ponent Group company, was founded in 2019 with a clear purpose: to practice excellent fertilisation, which we view as a key activity to continue obtaining high quality foods, in a way that is economic and respectful of our surroundings.

We work by creating bonds between the farmers and ranchers of our territory, using livestock waste responsibly and transparently before the rest of the community.

The effective management of organic fertilisers (manure, slurry, poultry droppings, among others) allows us to reduce the extraction of natural resources to construct a model of circular economy which not only guarantees the sustainability of agricultural production but also improves the quality of our soils and prevents their degradation.

Ponent Organics Fruits de Ponent

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