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The Foundation

The Fruits de Ponent Foundation is an entity founded in June 2016 and listed in the Foundation Registry of Generalitat de Catalunya. It belongs to the Fruits de Ponent Cooperative Group, and its goal is to advance the cooperative movement and the policies geared toward social engagement, training and the promotion of healthy habits.

The Foundation has also signed partnership agreements with various organisations involved in the social sector, nonprofit work and sports.

The Foundation is formed by a Trustee Board which meets periodically to debate and determine future interventions, including partnership agreements, social engagement projects, training trips for partners, etc.

The Foundation issues an annual report on its activities, where all its actions are described: the Sustainability Report.

The members of the Foundation's Trustee Board are:

On behalf of the three members of the Steering Committee of Alcarràs Farm and Credit
  • Sebastià Escarp Tomàs, President
  • Josep Presseguer i Gené, Secretary
  • Alfonso Mora Ribes
  • Pere Antoni Nadal Moreno
  • Santi Bonet i Camprubí, Coordinator
On behalf of the three junior partners of Alcarràs Farm and Credit Section, SCCL:
  • Robert Anoro Sisó
  • Mònica Zueras Bernabeu
  • Albert Gilart
On behalf of the three senior partners of Alcarràs Farm and Credit Section, SCCL:
  • Antonio Escarp
  • Jaume Ballespí
  • J.A. Matges
Company representatives
  • Laura Ortiz
  • Dolors Camí
Foundation card

Foundation card

The Fruits de Ponent Foundation card is issued for the exclusive and non-transferable use by the Group's social fabric (partners and staff, as well as direct family members). The card includes the bearer's name, surnames and number, as well as their DNI (state ID) number.

The card provides access to a series of cultural, social, athletic and health-related benefits. As these benefits change, or as new ones are added, the bearers will be duly informed via text message, the APP, email and/or letter. In addition, on this page there will be a space where cardholders will be able to find information on the different benefits in effect.

All cardholders must look after their own cards and keep them up to date. In the event a card is lost by the bearer and has to be reissued, the bearer will be charged five euros.

The card will have a two-year validity period after its delivery but will remain valid until it is replaced or until further notice.

One month before the card expires, the bearer will be informed on how to renew it.

Card benefits

Instituto Dental Ilerdent
Ilerdent Dental Institute

We offer a coupon for 50% off on a teeth cleaning with ultrasound + fluoride treatment and a free diagnostic procedure based on a dental x-ray.

Carrefour viajes
Get deals on scheduled trips

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Padel Alcarràs
Discount on padel in Alcarràs

Padel and gym membership for €30/month (court free in the morning and €1.50/90 min. in the afternoon/evening) 10-match pack for €40

Special launch price on new OKI JUICE fruit juices

Offer of €1 per unit on containers of 250 ml and €2.20 per unit on one-litre packages.

Special advantages for partners, workers and family members

Physical therapy, guidance, psychological support, talks, etc.

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Treat yourself, or give a gift to someone you love

10% off all products (gift of an exclusive Romeu keychain)

defoto lleida FDP
Photography session in a professional studio

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