Gobernanza Cooperativa FDP

Cooperative governance

Governance is a key component of the cooperative difference. Cooperative principles and values call for an open, voluntary and democratic decision-making process, and cooperative governance is an essential instrument for the implementation of these principles and values.

FDP Personas recogiendo frutas

Steering committee

Benjamí Ibars Vitores
Benjamí Ibars Vitores
FDP Jaume Gené
Jaume Gené Roig
Vice President
FDP Maria Casòliva
Maria Casòliva Zaldo
FDP Josep Castells
Josep Castells Gòdia

Management board

FDP Josep Presseguer
Josep Presseguer Gené
FDP Josep Capdevila
Josep Capdevila Ortis
Director of Finance and Agrarian Development
FDP Toni Vitores
Toni Vitores Bagué
Operations Manager
FDP Maria Jesús Sisó
Maria Jesús Sisó Fargues
Executive Secretary
FDP José Luis López
José Luis López Sandoval
Marketing Manager
FDP Montse Morillo
Montse Morillo Esteve
Head of Logistics
FDP Maria Llop
Maria Llop Gené
Director of People, Quality and Sustainability
FDP Marc Nart
Marc Nart Farrero
Agricultural Manager
FDP Santi Bonet
Santi Bonet i Camprubí
Director of Comunications and Bussiness Expansion
FDP Xavier Ribot
Xavier Ribot Cascarra
Head of IT